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In a major development for our client Mojo Mortgages, they’ve been snapped up by the owners of comparison sites Uswitch, and, RVU, for an undisclosed fee.

The acquisition now means the Manchester based start-up is part of RVU’s wider coverage of the mortgage market.

They now have companies that offer services across the whole mortgage process. By diving deeper into the sector, they can serve customers at multiple stages from those seeking advice to those applying for a mortgage.

Mojo Mortgages is designed to help first time buyers get ‘mortgage ready’ and provides a digital service that makes getting a mortgage easier and less stressful.

It’s been a pleasure working on many aspects of their design and we’re chuffed to be a part of their ongoing journey.

CEO of Mojo, Richard Hayes said this about the acquisition: “Three years ago, we started Mojo with a clear vision to make everyone feel more confident about finding a great mortgage deal. This significant next step in our journey makes that vision a reality on a scale we could have only dreamt of back then.”

“We'll look to revitalise the UK mortgage ecosystem while creating remarkable digital experiences for both our colleagues and our customers. Alongside RVU, we'll be at the forefront of positive change for the UK mortgage market. We can't wait to get going.”

RVU CEO Tariq Syed also showed his optimism about adding Mojo to the roster.

“Millions of mortgage seekers are coming to us through trusted sites like, Uswitch and Owning every part of the process means we can improve their experience from start to finish. This is a unique fusion of capabilities, combining our growing audiences with the most advanced digital broker in the UK,” Tariq said.

“Digitalisation has been sluggish in the mortgage sector but together with Mojo we will have the teams and the tools to supercharge the process and give consumers the experience they deserve.” 

To find out more about what we did for Mojo, head here.

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