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Andy Kelly

In between client work we've somehow managed to squeeze out a delicious new site. It's been a long time coming.

We've partnered with the very talented Roboto Studio to get our blazing fast new online presence up and running!

Thanks for reading, here are some other things.

Power to the people: How fintech is making money more accessible

The last 10 years have seen massive changes in the world of finance.  The old stalwarts of the banking industry are being challenged by clever startups

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4 ways tech is disrupting the mortgage industry

Disruption. It might sound negative but in tech it’s anything but. It’s kind of like saying, ‘Out with the old. In with the new’. You’ve probably seen

How to make a splash in a billion dollar industry

Banking and finance is a big pond that only gets more crowded with each new startup and challenger.  Legacy institutions are locked in a battle for supremacy

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