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2018 - Present

Who are Dines?

A lovely bunch of smart people who are taking care of the hospitality sector by giving restaurants, bars and other venues the power to reopen with confidence and the best Order and Pay platform around.

They have been friends for a long time, and are truly incredible people. We've loved being on a journey with these guys through thick, thin and COVID. But they have blossomed.

The folk keeping people & venues safe, whilst keeping hospitality alive.

How do you keep people safe whilst ensuring restaurants, bars and other venues can remain open and to pay wages? You do it with people in mind from the start. Designing for a service used across the UK comes with challenges but the Dines team have always been about creating an impeccable service, paired with genuine care for the hospitality sector.

We stepped in to lay the foundation of their design language - how the brand, app, and web offering speak to everyday people, and support venues encouraging them to keep going in the sectors hardest time.

Designing for trust

A core value in the Dines brand is instilling trust - allowing people to be confident in the product & brand. So when it came to designing their ordering & payment solution, we knew we had hit a few key things to bring about this level of trust.


We wanted to be clear. The people coming onto this are more often stressed, looking for a solution, in need of a system to keep their business alive during this crisis. So we stripped the landing site back in terms of rich visual to leave the focus on the solution. Keeping it to only a handful of key points to show our users that we are focused, knowledgable, and have the solution to their current & future ordering and payment needs.


When we say simple, we're talking from an experience perspective. Payment systems, Point of Sale platforms, they're often overloaded and bloating with features -half of which won't even be used. So the Dines system is designed with simplicity in mind. We help strengthen the sense of clarity by reducing the amount of work a venue has to do to get up and running.


Designing for delight isn't about creating animations and marketing videos, but instead having a service which saves people time. Being able to design something that gives hours back to a user is what we strive to create - and that's no exception here. Dines reduces the average time taken to place an order by 90% to less than 30 seconds.

"The Bang are our outrageous design arm, flexing quality work all over the shop. From brand to the product, It’s been 4 years of every challenge being met with innovative solutions & beautiful design."

Dill Hussein

Co-Founder @ Dines

For the venue

Supposedly for a restaurant to thrive in todays age it needs 2 things; Originality, and a business plan. Dines know the restaurants with the first, and with us created a service to help restaurants nail the second.

We created an app and admin portal for restaurants and venues to truly take ownership, and give them a means to take orders and payments safely and with confidence. Through dines, they can build their original and extraordinary menus with ease and update them no matter what is thrown their way (Covid included...). In fact, during the pandemic that caused such chaos and loss to the hospitality sector, Dines' were able to keep so many afloat, and now see those venues and glorious food spots picking back up again and it's down to their dedication, incredible team and service offering seamless click and collect, takeaway, and dine-in safe ordering and mobile payments.

For the diners

Dines is, after all, about the foodies. Finding impeccable food, and getting it plated in front of diners with money off the bill, and cash back to spend on the next. We designed an app, currently sitting at 5* in the App Store and Google Play, that makes that happen. Beautiful independent eateries, bars and cafes and users fingers to explore, order from and dine in at. But making someone download an app isn't the slickest way to order food, especially when you're in an industry reliant on fast and accurate service. So alternatively, diners can simply scan a QR code at the table table to make an order directly from their phone's web browser.

Doing good

One of our values is to do good. That means ensuring our work is doing good, and leaving a positive mark wherever we go. Dines were a perfect pairing for us, as they're about that too. Through what we've designed, every meal purchased through Dines, a meal is donated to a child in need through their partnership with Mary's Meals. A meal for a meal, every time. Beautiful.


Past the product, we constructed them a brand. Jeff Bezos said “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” He's right, a brand is the very identity of a company. So we designed the Dines brand knowing that their product is the front facing thing, the thing doing the hard things well - raising the profile of independent food spots, contactless ordering & payments, and ultimately providing exquisite service for those in hospitality & customers.

As mentioned earlier, clarity, simplicity and delight were the pillars on which we constructed the Dines brand and product. But an impeccable app wasn't enough to get them standing in hospitality, so we went bold. A primary electric-green, cutting through the sterile whites and red discount apps and brands in the market. A simple and strong line illustration set. Powerful copy and content to give their users confidence in the service, no fluff, just simple and easy to understand.


Thanks for reading this - we hope you enjoyed it, we loved putting it together. To Dines, thanks for always trusting us with your designs. You're in good hands and in great company.

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