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Fintech, Insurance. Reverse bidding auction to get customers the perfect cover at the best price.


2017 - Present

Reshaping the future for car & van insurance

Honcho came to us with a clear cut message. They wanted to reshape how people buy insurance. Instead of going through price comparison sites and simply having to pay what they said, why not make the insurers fight for your business? Why not get exactly the cover you need, whilst getting the best possible price? Our roll here was to create a disruptive product & brand to shake up the insurance space. We designed the native apps, web app, brand, and digital marketing assets to help them stand out in a competitive market.

"They work smart, focusing our attention to what matters to people."

Gavin Sewell

The Bang x Honcho

We started our journey with honcho in 2017. A passionate group of people keen to make a difference in fintech, approached us to create their products. It began with understanding. Learning about their concept, empathising with their user groups, and using our findings as the fuel for our ideation.

Taking the ideas, we ran a hypothesis testing approach to designing and prototyping before coming up with the fleshed-out solution.

Then comes the real graft, taking the solution and turning it into a shippable product across 3 platforms: iOS, Android & Web.

The Brand

Honcho has been making waves, causing a stir and flipping the idea of insurance on its head. It’s done so with a loud brand, one that has done it justice. Honcho went from first release, to raising millions. Not a bad effort at all.

But it was time to take a deep look into Honcho’s core and define it’s values, appearance and direction moving forward.

As the company grows up from startup to market leaders, its brand needs to grow with it.

We’re not talking about rebranding, or changing what Honcho is. We’re talking about developing what people already love into something they can trust implicitly. Something they can rely on, shout about proudly, that works for them and they feel confident being a part of.

Honcho entrusted us to reinvigorate their visual identity.


The end

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