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May 2020 - Present

Finding our Mojo

Mojo is a free online mortgage broker.

They use cutting-edge tech and expert in-house advisers to make getting a mortgage feel less like the 1980s and more like the 21st Century. That means no taking time off work for appointments in a stuffy broker’s office, no waiting on hold for updates on your application, no piles of paperwork and, most importantly, no fees. With Mojo you can compare thousands of deals from across the entire market in under a minute, then get a personalised mortgage recommendation and a Mortgage in Principle in 15 minutes – all from your phone or computer, whenever you have time. What’s more, they’ll handle your entire application for you – making all the necessary phone calls and arrangements for you until your mortgage is in place. Whether they write code or help customers, everyone in their fast-growing team is united by a belief that getting a mortgage doesn’t have to be a headache.

We love working with the Mojo team, they are passionate, fintech and most importantly, disruptive.

We are absolutely blown away by the accuracy and efficiency of The Bang.

Matt G Product Owner @ Mojo

A wonderful white label experience

Mojo came to us with a specific problem

How can we improve our customer experience and drive an increase in user conversions in our white-label?

We answered with a delightful UX secured by a robust and comprehensive design system. The white label performed so well Mojo ended up using it for their own product. Their white label has since been adopted by a ton of big players in the Mortgage game, unfortunately we can't mention them here.

A big ol' design system

As part of our ongoing relationship with the Mojo team we have constructed and maintained a fully comprehensive design system. In doing so, we've streamlined their design strategy and improved efficiency and maximised scalability. You should see how fast we can whip together design hypotheses into testable prototypes. Wireframes? Who needs them?!

A breath of life into an established brand

To top off all the product work we contributed to Mojo, we delved into a tasty rebrand for the mortgage-tech disruptor.

Mojo has made waves up until now without a strong brand, not a bad achievement! We've taken them into the next step of their journey with an updated brand to solidify their position in the market.

Stay tuned for updates and a full release of their new brand. It's very exciting times for Mojo!

How does a 400% increase in conversions sound?

The online one-stop-shop for mortgages is swiftly becoming the go-to name in the online mortgage market. After being voted the Best Mortgage Broker in the British Banking Awards Mojo Mortgages realised they needed to step up their game to compete in the disruptive sector. Mojo came to us initially to overhaul their white-label product but after increasing their conversions by 400% we quickly became their sole design partner, moving from white-label to entire product offering along with a tasty rebrand to secure their position in the market.


Cheers for reading - we hope you enjoyed it. We're continuing to work with Mojo on the evolution of their product and brand so we'll keep posting updates here! Stay tuned.

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